Assessing and Improving Student Achievement with Technology

Artifact #1



The first artifact that I chose to add was the Infographic that I created about Kahoot and Quizizz. I chose this artifact because it was the most challenging for me to create. I was dreading making the Infographic because I was not familiar with any of the tools used to create an Infographic. But after I completed it, I was very excited to try it out in my classroom. I had my social studies class create an Infographic on the Bill of Rights. It worked really well with the material, and my students did a great job on their infographics They also excelled on their quiz for the Bill of Rights. My students shared that the images along with the short description of each amendment really helped them to understand and remember the information.

Artifact #2

Wise Old Woman Rubric

The second artifact that I included a link to was the rubric that I created for an assignment on a story that my ELA classes were reading. After reading the folktale Wise Old Woman, I had my students create a storyboard using the website StoryboardThat. The storyboard had to demonstrate their knowledge of story elements. The rubric was created using Rubistar which has a plethora of pre-designed rubric for teachers. Using a digitally made rubric was a wonderful time saver. After learning about the different components necessary in a rubric and applying them to this rubric, I have noticed that my students have had fewer questions about the assignment and have been on-task more while needing fewer redirections than in the past. I was super excited to see the positive impact this rubric has created.

I have learned so much for this class about assessing and improving student achievement with technology. Almost every week I was able to apply the lesson to my own classroom. The class was a great reminder of the importance of both summative and formative assessments. I also learned about some awesome technology that helps teachers with assessments and how to use that information to help their students grow.

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