My Technology Journey

Hi! My name is Keri Budrick. I work at Grissom Middle School where I am currently teaching ELA and Social Studies to 7th graders. I have been teaching for 22 years and have taught Kindergarten, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grade. I enjoy learning new things and am pretty comfortable with the technology that my district uses on a daily basis. My school has been 1:1 in the middle school for the past six years. I enjoy having iPads for my students to use, and I use them daily with our new reading and social science series. I also like trying out new apps and websites to enhance student learning. One of my favorite websites is Flocabulary because the students love the raps, and I love that they are learning a skill. My students right now are really enjoying the app Expeditions.

One project that my students consistently enjoy is working collaboratively to create their own Google Site. The project requires research on valid sites, writing informational paragraphs, finding appropriate videos and photos, and creating a work cited. The students were so proud of their work and their presentations were entertaining.

One EdTech failure that I recall was when I first started using Google Classroom. When I sent my first assignment on Google Classroom, I forgot to send a copy to each student. When my students opened the google doc, things got a little crazy with 25 editors working on the same document. It took me a while to figure out what went wrong. The student’s thought it was cool since they had never worked on a shared document before. They loved the idea of editing the same document from their own iPad. I have learned over the past four years that if I can not figure out a way to solve a technology problem to just ask my students. They love to be my teacher.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time outdoors and working on projects around the house. I am married with a daughter that just graduated from high school and will be attending EIU this fall, and I have a son who will be a junior next year. We also have a house full of pets: 3 labs, a bunny, a crested gecko, and too many fish to count.

One thought on “My Technology Journey

  1. Hi Keri!
    I teach 8th grade ELA & Social Studies, so I’m sure we have similar curricular focuses and could use many of the same tools. I haven’t tried Flocabulary, but it sounds fun. We usually use for a lot of our vocab activities. They have recently added a vocab jam which is a fun whole class game we can play to review words. We have chromebooks vs. iPads, but I’m sure we can do similar things. Have you found any limitations using iPads?


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