Collaborative Web Tools

ABC Adjectives Activity

At the beginning of the school year, students complete an ABC adjective activity. The activity produces a reference that is then used throughout the year when they are writing. Students are placed in groups of 3-4 and sent a Google Doc that was created with 26 boxes labelled A-Z. They have 3 minutes to add as many adjectives as they can with the goal of having at least one adjective for 23 of the boxes. The adjectives are shared and groups add any they do not already have to their list. Then groups are given 5 minutes to search on-line for more adjectives. Their goal is to find five new adjectives that no other group finds. Groups then share their new adjectives. This list is then used to improve their writing during the school year. 

This activity was chosen as my first artifact because it is a fun activity that encourages both group collaboration and whole class collaboration. The activity uses on-line Google tools to help students collaborate and produces a reference tool that is kept in their Google Drive. By keeping the groups small and the time frame for each part short, the groups stay focused and on-task. I used to do this activity on a piece of paper but many of my students would lose it. By using on-line Google tools to collaboratively create their document, my students have a great reference tool that they do not lose. It also is easy for my students to share with any new students that come in during the school year. It also helps that the document is easy to add to throughout the year. This class has taught me the importance of finding ways for my students to digitally connect with one another.

All School Read Blog

During the All School Read, students will use a shared Google Site to connect with another seventh grade student from the other team. After each weekly chapter is read, the students will reflect upon the chapter on their Google Site. They will write about their thoughts and feelings about the chapter. They will need to connect the book to their own life. Before the next week, students will need to read their classmates weekly reflection and comment on their reflection. Their comments need to be well thought out and insightful. 

This activity was chosen for my second artifact because it is a way to introduce writing a blog using a safe environment that is approved by my district. My district does not allow for my students to connect with others outside of our district, so using a traditional blog service is not an option. By using a shared Google Site, my students are able to connect to other students in my district. The activity allows my student to share their voice with someone besides their teacher and classmates. The activity would be a great tool to teach my students how to write quality comments. If my district ever allows for global connections, then we could also connect with other classes that are reading the same book. 

This class has taught me the importance of connecting my students globally. It has also helped me to see the importance to collaboration and how important collaboration skills are to my students future employees. I am hopeful that my district will lessen their restriction and allow for my students to practice these important skills.



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