Multimedia Tools Artifact #1

Artifact #1: Edpuzzle

Unit Introduction for 7th grade Studysync Unit 2

This unit focuses on people who have fought for justice to be served. As a unit introduction, students will view an Edpuzzle created from a documentary about The Little Rock Nine. The video will be used to spark a discussion about how people can fight against injustice. 

Little Rock Nine Interview:

I chose to include this artifact because of the importance of using audio and video in the classroom. It will be a great way to spark my students interest in the unit. It will also help them to see that they can make a difference even though they are still in school. Creating the Edpuzzle was really easy. By using Edpuzzle, I get to control the video by pausing it and having students answer questions before continuing. It also allows me to see if they actually watched the video or not. The course was a great reminder of the value that audio and video clips play in the education of my students. I had used Edpuzzle once before a few years ago, but I will now make a habit of using it. 



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