Course Reflection: Multimedia Tools in Education

The course, Multimedia Tools in Education, has been both a reminder of the importance of using multimedia tools and a step outside of my comfort zone as I had to create some forms of multimedia that I normally would not choose to use in the classroom. Module 2 was a favorite of mine because it was a great reminder of the importance of using bellringers and incorporating audio and video into my bellringers. The Youtube channel CriticalPast is definitely a resource that I will be using during my social studies class. My favorite resource was in module 8 and it was about augmented reality. I found the TedTalk by Meron Gribetz to be fascinating. The video was about the Meta 2, an augmented reality headset. The headset makes it possible for users to see, grab and move holograms just like physical objects. I can see this becoming our future both in education and in our jobs.

How I have grown as a connected educator is through the use of screencasts. Creating the screencasts made me step outside of my comfort zone. Being forced to create a screencast showed me how easy they actually are and how they can actually make my life easier. Certain lessons that I tend to repeat throughout the year can easily be made using a screencast that students watch as a review. This would save valuable class time.

After teaching for 21 year, I have seen a shift in how students learn and the importance of keeping up with new technology. Having my students use multimedia tools to create book trailers, infographics, screencasts, and podcasts to name a few will help my students to become 21st century learners who can be successful in the workplace. I have now completed half of the classes necessary for my technology endorsement, and I plan on continuing this school year.


4 thoughts on “Course Reflection: Multimedia Tools in Education

  1. Hi Keri, After so many years “in the biz”, it is so valuable to continue to learn new skills and tools to help your students. I hope this class was fun for you, and we shared a lot of the same enjoyments from it!


  2. Keri,

    I am glad you mentioned the TedTalk from the last module. That is something that stuck out with me as well. It is completely mind blowing with how far we have come with technology in the classroom and what the future can and will hold for us and our students!


  3. Keri,

    I loved how you are still learning after 21 years of teaching! That is very inspirational! I am also in full agreement about screencasts! I think that is something that I also stepped out of my comfort zone with. I think that there is so much time saving when it comes to screencasts! Good luck on your technology endorsement!



  4. Keri –

    I also enjoyed creating the bell ringer activity. I enjoyed collaborating with others in the class. My final project was much improved based on the feedback of the people I was working with. I really like the screencasting opportunities that I will be able to use in the classroom this year. The one thing I will not do is have my face shown while I am talking.

    I am doing the same as you are with trying to keep up with emerging technology to engage my students. This is the second class I have taken through USF and am amazed with how much I am learning. Good luck on the upcoming school year and with your future classes.



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