Course Reflection: Assessing and Improving Student Achievement with Technology

The class Assessing and Improving Student Achievement with Technology has introduced me to many new tools and ideas for my classroom. It has also been a much-needed reminder of some crucial components that I have been lacking in the past few years. Being reminded of the importance and benefits of formative assessments has been very beneficial for my students and me. I am making a more conscious effort to incorporate formative assessments into my weekly routine. I am then using these assessments to help drive my curriculum.  

Some of the new tech tools that I learned about during the past weeks, I have begun to incorporate into my classroom. For example, my social studies class created their own infographics for a lesson on The Bill of Rights, and they look amazing. When I first had to create my own infographic, I was unsure of their benefits, but I now can see the benefits of taking information and structuring it differently. Also, in my ELA class, we are using a new rubric that I created using Rubistar for a storyboard assignment. The assignment is much clearer and well defined with the new rubric. I really liked how the website Rubistar made creating rubrics simple and the amount of options for premade rubrics is fantastic. The student goal sheet that I created is ready to go for our next MAP test in January, and I am trying to find a way to add a genius hour to either the third or fourth quarter.

Every new class is a reminder that I need to be open to changes. Education is constantly changing. As an educator, it is my job to be as informed as possible about all of the new and exciting opportunities for student assessment and achievement. I look forward to continuing my journey towards my technology endorsement next semester.

3 thoughts on “Course Reflection: Assessing and Improving Student Achievement with Technology

  1. Hi, Keri! I agree completely with your last paragraph. Teachers need to remain flexible, continue learning, and adapt their classrooms as needed in order for our students to be successful. We are always learning and making improvements so that we can help our students reach their potential. Maybe we’ll see each other in another class soon so we can continue learning from each other! 🙂


  2. Keri, I’m glad to hear that you are integrating what you learned into your classroom! That’s exciting:-) It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best on your future tech endeavors.


  3. I feel silly for not having thought of assigning my students infographics as a formative assessment. What a great idea. As obvious as it was, being an assignment for us, I didn’t think about assigning it to my students to further their learning. For as often as I have them analyze infographics that I find for them, it would make a lot of sense for them to turn around an make their own. I’m so excited to try this out with my students!


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