Course Reflection

After completing the course Foundations of Educational Technology, I find myself eager to continue my journey towards obtaining my technology endorsement. I was excited to try some new collaborative web technology such as Popplet and Padlet as well as Google Groups. I loved changing some of my assignments to multimedia presentations that included  The 4C’s: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Collaboration. My students were thrilled to try out the virtual reality app Expeditions.

The biggest impact this class has made on me is my view of how technology should be used in my classroom. Earlier this year, I was asked to be part of my district technology committee, and after completing this course I feel that I have a lot to offer. By using the SAMR and RAT frameworks, I can help my district adopt a technology curriculum that will help to transform and redefine how our students are learning.

4 thoughts on “Course Reflection

  1. Keri,
    I couldn’t agree more with you. This class has left me excited to change assignments and projects in order to incorporate more technology. It has been helpful to see what everyone uses and have used in their classes. It has left me motivated to try new tools and take the time to teach my students how to use them. Great website and posts! Best of luck in future classes!


  2. Keri
    Thanks for contributing to class in a positive manner. Great to hear that this class had an impact on you and your students. Good luck on your district technology committee.



  3. Awesome! I love that you found this course beneficial and that you are confident to share your expertise with others. Genius!!


  4. Keri,

    I am right there with you in terms of wanting to explore more and try new things in the classroom. This course really did open my eyes to a number of new ways to engage students. Congratulations on being part of the technology committee, that’s very exciting. Good luck!

    Thank you for a great blog and a great post.


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